POSTING DATE:   March 22, 2018
REVISED DATE:   August 01, 2018
JOB#:   5-18
JOB TITLE:   Staff Driver
COMPANY:   F&F Productions, Administrative

40+ hours per week (full time) days and times of work greatly vary

STATUS:   Full Time, Salaried

Must be reliable, able to work a flexible schedule as needed, when needed and where needed, and be attentive to safety and federal laws.  Airline travel may be necessary.  Will require lifting of heavy items.  Driver Training Certification through an accredited CDL driver training program desired and at least 5 years experience preferred.  Requires a Class A CDL Drivers License.  Must have a proven driving and safety record, which will be updated/checked on a periodic basis.  Must possess a current FMCSA physical examination card and is subject to federal regulations for random drug and alcohol testing and any other required medical exams.

This position is subject to a pre-employment criminal background check. Background check information will be used in a non-discriminatory and confidential manner consistent with State and Federal laws.


Drive Mobile Unit to event location within Federal Motor Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, as directed.  Ensure that all registrations, inspections and other related documents for the assigned mobile unit are current and up to date.  Communicate service or repairs needed on the mobile unit.  Assist with set up, strike and loading of the mobile unit in cooperation with engineers and freelance technicians.  Perform regular maintenance and cleaning activities on the mobile unit.  May provide on-site client service and technical support.  Represent F&F Productions to clients in a courteous and professional manner.  Maintain accurate driving logs and trip reports on assignment activities and submit them along with expense reports and vehicle condition reports in a timely manner to F&F's Administrative Assistant.  Will be on the road for extended periods of time, working weekends and holidays.  Other duties as assigned.


Must be able to perform the essential functions of the job. The Company will make reasonable physical accommodations to facilitate the ability to perform essential job functions.

Good eyesight and hearing.  Standing and sitting for long periods of time.  Able to lift heavy items (up to 50 lbs.)  Calm under pressure.  Ability to travel for extended periods.

F&F Productions is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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